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Launch your online course in 90 days or less with clarity, confidence and ease.

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3 Phases to Launching a Course


Design Your Scalable Course

Transform your expertise into a captivating course using evidence-based planning tools tailored to engage your ideal audience. Deliver exceptional value & solidify your reputation as an expert in the personal development & wellness niche.


Enroll Your Ideal Students

Maximize your course's visibility & attract your ideal participants effectively through a robust lead generation & marketing strategy. Utilize high-converting lead magnets to effortlessly convert interest into committed enrollments & engaged students.


Deliver An Amazing Experience

Set the stage for an amazing course experience resulting in higher completion rates & overall success of course participants. Empower them to surpass their learning goals & achieve unparalleled achievement & fulfillment.

Unlock Your Path to Success: 90 Days to Launch Breakthrough Call

Unlocking Your Potential

Tracy Sherriff, Course Launch Expert

My unique blend of expertise and experience in the online space positions me to assist coaches in the personal development and wellness space, to achieve sustainable business growth through online courses. With postgraduate training in adult education and experience as a college professor for over 20 years, I bring a wealth of knowledge about how people learn. But my expertise doesn't end there — I'm  also a Certified Director of Operations and Certified Growthworks Marketing Consultant. These experiences equip me with a unique and diverse skill set that allows me to help coaches excel in the online education business space. As the host of the Scale Your Course podcast and the founder of Course Design School, I know the roadblocks you need to overcome to create a successful online course and achieve your goals.

I can be your guide. All you have to do is raise your hand!

What Clients Say


Alicia, Career Coach

"My experience with Tracy exceeded my expectations.  I have taken her advice and I have built out my modules so my students are already learning before they hop on a call with me.  I actually enjoy my program now.  I gained so much insight,clarity and confidence.”

Carmen, Business Strategist

“I sought Tracy out because of her course design skills and my lack thereof, but I wasn’t prepared to learn as much as I did. The experience has increased the value of my course to my students and I’ll be forever grateful.”

Debbi, Vision Board Coach

“Tracy Sherriff expertly led me through the how of course design. I was a bit worried of not being tech-savvy but that wasn’t a problem at all. I loved working with her to uplevel my business as we developed the Dare to Declare Academy."

Michelle, Empowerment and Mindset Coach

"I never truly thought I would create a course that would impact so many. Tracy shifted my mindset and opened many doors for me that I never anticipated. I'm thrilled to know my next steps!"

Susan, Family Advocate and Coach

"I was blown away by Course Design School. I learned step by step how to put my course together & created something my clients will not to just learn from, but actively enjoy & complete." 

Simone, NLP Practitioner

WOW! I've been looking for a solid foundation to create my new course & strategy to move forward. Tracy went beyond & overdelivered. I recommend hiring Tracy as your trusted guide."

Book Your 90 Days to Launch Breakthrough Call

Turn your course dream into a triumphant reality with a personalized Breakthrough Call, equipping you with a clear, actionable plan to launch your course, your way.

Download the Roadmap

90 Days to Course Launch

Ditch the time-for-money trade-off. Drive sustainable revenue growth with an online course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly does the 90 Days to Course Launch Roadmap Call include?

A: During this call, you'll gain clarity on the specific actions needed to design and launch your course to a Beta group within 90 days.

Q: Is the call a Zoom or on the phone?

A: The call is conducted via Zoom, with the option to receive a recording afterward for your reference.

Q: How long does the call typically last?

A: The call usually lasts up to 30 minutes, ensuring we have ample time to address your specific needs and create a comprehensive plan.

Q: What outcomes can I expect from the call?

A: You'll receive a personalized 90-Day to Launch Roadmap for launching your scalable course, providing you with a clear, actionable plan whether you choose to proceed independently or with ongoing support.

Q: Do I need to have my course idea fully developed before the call?

A: No, this call is designed to assess your current progress and determine the next steps necessary to bring your vision to life.

Q: What materials or information should I prepare before the call?

A: Prior to the call, it's helpful to gather any relevant materials related to your course idea, such as outlines, notes, or preliminary content you might have if you have it, however this is not a requirement. Most importantly, think about your goals and objectives for the course to ensure our time together is as productive as possible.

Q: What is the investment for the 90 Days to Launch Roadmap Call?

A. The current investment  for the 90 Days to Launch Call is FREE.

Q: Is there any support offered after the call?

A:  Following our call, I'll discuss options for additional support to help you execute your personalized roadmap. Any additional support will be offered without pressure or obligation.

Q: How soon can I start preparing to launch my course following our strategy call?

A: If you're proceeding independently, you can begin immediately. If we decide to collaborate, we'll establish a mutually agreeable timeline to move forward together.

Q: How do I book a call, and what are the available time slots?

A:  To book a call, simply follow the link on this page. I offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your availability. Once booked, you'll receive confirmation of your call time and location.

Q: Can I bring specific questions or concerns about my course idea to the call?

A: Absolutely! The call is designed to be tailored to your individual needs and goals. Feel free to bring any questions or concerns you have about your course idea, and we'll address them during our discussion. Keep in mind that this call is not intended to be a full audit of your outline or curriculum. You can ask for addition calls for this purpose by request.

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