Scale Your Course Podcast Highlights EP 52 | REPLAY: Partnering to Scale with Carmen & Deirdre

EP 52 | REPLAY: Partnering to Scale with Carmen & Deirdre


There is no time better than the present to consider strategic partnership to grow your business. In this episode, I interview Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Whole Person Certified Coach, and Deirdre Harter, CPA, are Business Strategists and Co-Founders of Encore Empire. They support mission-oriented women over 40 who hire Encore Empire to help optimize their foundational business strategy so they can focus on positively impacting the world. They help new and established female entrepreneurs increase bottom line profits in their online business consistently and holistically by leveraging their past experience, honoring their values, and becoming financially savvy.

With decades of combined entrepreneurial experience, we understand all aspects of business-building in the online marketplace. By combining our two areas of expertise we’ve created a uniquely holistic approach to launching and growing businesses. They offer a holistic 6-month launchpad program for new entrepreneurs and 12-month next-level profits coaching program focusing on business strategy, systems to scale through the lens of finance and leadership.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Their decision to partner versus staying solo
  • What makes their business model work
  • Why they won't be giving up 1:1 anytime soon
  • Why status quo just won't work for Encore Empire
  • The launch of their new podcast

Learn with Carmen and Deidre:

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