Scale Your Course Podcast Highlights EP 53 | Off the Cuff: The Why Behind Scale Your Course

EP 53 | Off the Cuff: The Why Behind Scale Your Course


In this episode I reintroduce myself, talk about you, my audience, and share why I think you should keep listening. As a curriculum expert I leverage my knowledge of adult education, my practical experience teaching a multiple higher education institutions, and certification as a director of operations to help experts grow and scale a profitable and sustainable education based business.


2:06 "I see my role is to help you design, deliver and package your expertise into a curriculum that aligns with the way that you want to show up in the world."
3:56 " I believe that in every person that wants to lead in this way, has at least one curriculum inside of them."
5:19 "The what of learning is easy. It's in the how of learning where the magic happens."
7:55 "My goal is to equip CEO's and their team with the knowledge and practical strategy needed to help you design, develop, and deliver really niche specific education products and offers and experiences that truly change people's lives."
11:01 "My clients are focused on people."
15:44 "My belief is that when we focus on the how of learning equally or even more than the what of the learning, we create environments for learning where everyone can succeed."

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