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Are you ready to start your course creation journey?

Creating a successful course is about more than just developing another information product; it's about designing a course that can be scaled and adapted to meet the needs of diverse learners and audiences. That's where Course Design School comes in—a 12-week program designed specifically for coaches, consultants, and industry influencers like you who want to master the art of scalable course design and development.

Upon completing this transformative program, you will gain the following invaluable skills and capabilities:

  • Leverage my instructional design knowledge and ChatGPT to become an intentional course creator.
  • Write a course outline for a marketable and sellable course with confidence: Craft a compelling framework that resonates with your target audience and showcases the value of your expertise.

  • Organize your knowledge and expertise into a clear and concise format: Learn techniques to streamline and structure your content, making it easy for learners to follow and absorb.

  • Plan dynamic curriculum that engages and motivates your audience: Discover strategies to create captivating learning experiences that inspire action and drive meaningful results for your participants.

  • Create a targeted marketing plan to attract and enroll your ideal course participants: Learn proven methods to effectively promote your course and reach the right audience who will benefit from your unique offering.

  • Save time creating high-quality course assets that add immense value: Gain insights and practical tips for creating impactful course materials that enhance the overall learning experience.

  • and more...

What my clients say…

"Tracy Sherriff expertly led me through the "how" of course creation. I was a bit worried about not being tech-savvy, but it wasn't a problem at all. I loved working with her to up level my business as we developed the Dare to Declare Academy."

- Debbi Sluys, Dare to Declare Academy

"Working with Tracy was enlightening! I sought her out because of her course design knowledge and my lack thereof, but I wasn’t prepared to learn as much as I did. The experience has increased the value of my course to my students, and I’ll be forever grateful."

Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Business Coach

"I hired Tracy because I needed support with structuring my program so it was more organized and to make sure my framework was established. My experience exceeded my expectations. My calls are so much more organized, and I feel so confident. I have taken her advice and have built out my modules, so my students are already learning before they hop on a call with me. I actually enjoy my program now. I gained so much insight and clarity."

- Alicia, Career Coach


Course Design School is a comprehensive 12 module course tailored to coaches, consultants, and industry experts who aspire to grow their business with scalable courses.

This transformative journey encompasses the principles of scalable course design, empowering you to create adaptable courses that cater to different skill levels and target audiences. Additionally, you'll learn to leverage technology and tools effectively to deliver your course to both small and large groups, in various formats. With nine core modules covering everything from identifying your target audience to refining your course for scalability, you'll gain a holistic understanding of how to create, sell, and launch a course that meets the diverse needs of learners and audiences.

Are you ready to unlock your potential and create a course that leaves a lasting impact? Join Course Design School today and embark on a transformative journey that will revolutionize your course creation process.

To secure your spot and learn more about the program, simply click on the link below.

Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity to become a master of scalable course design. Let's unlock your full potential and create courses that inspire and empower learners to achieve their goals.

If you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to support you every step of the way.

12 Modules

Welcome Module

Be equipped with the necessary information, tools, and mindset to embark on a successful learning journey in Course Design School.

Pre-Course Activities

Kick off your course creation journey with activities designed to get you reflecting on your goals for joining Course Design School.

Write Your Course Curriculum

Write curriculum that attracts your ideal student without guessing what to include or exclude.

Generate Buzz For Your Launch

Generate pre-launch sales without relying on time consuming marketing methods.

Simplify Your Marketing

Attract the right students without the stress of on overcomplicated marketing strategy.

Wrap-Up Module

Find out how to get continued support with the refinement phase of your course.

Modules for this offer 12

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