EP 50 | Class is In Session: Optimizing Student Success: Strategies for Preparing and Priming Learners

In this episode, Tracy emphasizes the critical importance of preparing and priming students for learning to enhance their success. Delving into the distinction between these two concepts, Tracy elucidates the myriad benefits they bring to both students and course creators. She offers practical and easy-to-implement examples of preparing and priming activities specifically tailored for course creators, empowering them to create a conducive learning environment for their students. Tune in to ...

EP 49 | Revolutionizing Learning with Audio: Insights from Dr. Lindsay Padilla

#coursecreation #helloaudio #impact Dr. Lindsay Padilla is an ex-community college professor who accidentally started a business while on the tenure track. Now, as the CEO and co-founder of the Hello Audio software, which takes your content and creates private audio feeds to make learning on the go much easier for your people, Lindsay challenges online industry norms of unfinished courses and unconsumed content with her product. All of her business ideas were born out of her tenure-track years teaching adults online at a community college, the ridiculous amount of learning she's done in all things education, and the years spent growing her course creation business online.

EP 22: Empowering Your Mindset with Debbi Sluys – Explore Vision Boards, Success, and Mindfulness with Debbi Sluys

#visionboards #certification #personaldevelopment In this episode, I sit down with Debbi Sluys, a visionary leader and expert in enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. With nearly three decades of experience in early childhood development, Debbi shares her profound insights on expanding brain potential, living with purpose, and the transformative power of gratitude and kindness.


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